Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!  I hope you all have a wonderful day full of excitement and joy!       all images via

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7:58 PM

Sliding Doors Sliding Doors

Not just for  BARNS check this contemporary options and more traditional version images: Lucinda Loya Interiors, Nuevo Estilo, via Moth Desi...

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5:17 PM

The Unexpected... The Unexpected...

I love to be pleasantly shocked when I walk into a room.  I love how overlooked, unexpected objects have a chance to become the show-stopper...

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8:10 AM

The eagle has landed.... The eagle has landed....

It's been a mammoth few weeks. As you can probably tell, my poor little blog has taken a back seat to everything else that's been go...

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2:07 AM

End Of The Week Love End Of The Week Love

EJ Interiors Baxter Design Group Elle Spain Love everything about these rooms Elle Decor Rug - Colours are simply gorgeous enquiry @ VT Inte...

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7:35 PM

First Impressions First Impressions

I was meeting with a client recently about a new home they are building and I was discussing my philosophy of the importance in creating ...

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3:28 PM

A Charming Little Dance Store... A Charming Little Dance Store...

My mom owns this charming little dance store called Dance Works!  This store sells everything to do with dance wear - so if you have a littl...

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9:36 AM

A Perfect White Geranium A Perfect White Geranium

  To my delight and surprise this morning I found this last perfect white geranium in my garden as the nights are turning cold and cr...

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4:32 PM

Kate - Florence -Vespa Kate - Florence -Vespa

Collaboration of Icons Kate Spade Florence Broadhurst Vespa read more Here  and Here

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3:01 PM