The Bohemian Duo! The Bohemian Duo!

Leibowitz and Mclachlan  are two beautiful ladies who have created the perfect design team! Their design aesthetic is based on unexpected el...

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8:37 AM

I adore the new issue of Adore magazine! I adore the new issue of Adore magazine!

One of the best things by far about this whole blogging caper is meeting lovely fellow bloggers. Judy from Verandah House and I met last ye...

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7:25 PM

Bathroom Inspiration Bathroom Inspiration

Elegant Bathrooms by Todhunter Earle Interiors

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3:43 PM

Cushions Cushions

fuchsia & orange with piping 50x50 feather or poly insert optional                                               NEW LIMITED COLLECTION ...

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7:51 PM

Image of the day Image of the day

Kirsten Kelli X V

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10:58 PM

Chinoiserie in Ming....and more Chinoiserie in Ming....and more

It's been so nice to finally get back into the studio over the weekend, and I definitely made the most of it. I've got some new blue...

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8:02 PM

Tangerine dream Tangerine dream

Hi there everyone, long time no see. That's because I've been working my little fingers to the bone on some brand-spankin' new p...

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8:19 PM

... A Little Beach Cottage ... A Little Beach Cottage

It has been a long week of off and on snow and showers... I'm so ready for Spring! ... how about you? So why not blog about a beach cott...

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1:25 PM