New long last! New long last!

As I get ready to fly out the door for what seems like the millionth time today, I thought I'd pop in and share my latest painting. Afte...

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7:18 PM

Needing The Perfect Antique? Needing The Perfect Antique?

Lucca Antiques  is such a beautiful store!  They have two locations, one in LA and the other in New York City.  Here you can find that perfe...

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4:52 PM

Rustic elegance Rustic elegance

fabric @ VT Interiors Isabel Lopez Qasada Eva Martinez all images Nuevo estilo Citta design via VT Interiors

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1:59 PM

Pool renovation - the saga continues Pool renovation - the saga continues

Why do I do it? Leave things until the last minute, that is. Life has been insanely busy this last year, but of course, trying to organise t...

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5:42 PM

Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree

  Patricia Gray Inc is honoured to have participated along with Linda Sale Interior Design in their 3rd Annual “Home for the Holidays” fu...

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12:52 PM

A Charming California Home! A Charming California Home!

I came across this perfect California home designed by Nancy Fishelson.  I absolutely love her inventive, creative style; there is so much t...

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4:50 PM