Living In Simplicity... Living In Simplicity...

I truly believe there is beauty in simplicity; one does not need much to be happy.  I learn this every time I sell a home and move into a sm...

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8:14 AM

Inspirational Atelier Space Inspirational Atelier Space

Virtual  visit of   Atelier   ( portfolio) and Maison Shop ( clever online shop) of Megan Winters Love X V

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1:31 AM

An Old Soul... An Old Soul...

Lately I have turned into the biggest vintage junky!  You should see our condo - the walls are growing due to all the stuff I have collected...

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4:25 PM

Not Your Typical Kitchen... Not Your Typical Kitchen...

Who wouldn't want one of these funky and inspiring kitchens?! via  Seventeen Doors via  Besting Nesting via Seventeen Doors via  Besting...

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8:02 PM

Room Of The Day Room Of The Day

Luis Bustamante Not your ordinary Kitchen/Dining area Love the red wallpaper and seat fabric X V for more inspiration visit my PINTEREST

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5:00 PM

Blue bouquet Blue bouquet

Just popping in with a little bouquet to brighten your day.....

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12:01 AM

Nancy Fishelson Nancy Fishelson

I know you all have seen this home many many times, but this home is truly one of the most warm, timeless, beautiful places I have seen! Ros...

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8:15 AM

Emily Griottes Emily Griottes

My favorite combinations... stunning colors combined with French culinary beauty! Emily Griottes  is a French stylist/food blogger; check ou...

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7:33 PM