Books are such a wonderful way of personalizing your space. Who doesn't love to be surrounded with all this wonderful inspiration. I think rooms with bookshelves are some of my most memorable spaces. Everyone feels comfortable in these rooms and they are rooms where you want to linger. I have a girlfriend who has a monumental bookshelf in her dining room. I always love to sit at the table across from the bookshelf so I can peruse the shelves between the dinner conversation. I have categorized the following pictures of bookshelves into 6 sections:

1. Bookshelves in Living Rooms

Purple Area


Domino Magazine

2. Bookshelves with ladders

Purple Area

Purple Area

3. Bookshelves in Offices

Jan Showers

Domino magazine

4. Bookshelves in Dining Rooms

5. Most Clever Bookshelf

6. Bookshelves in Bedrooms


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