Alberto Pinto is described as the preeminent master of unabashed wealth and opulence. He creates on all the continents private residences to offices or even palaces for the greats of this world. More over, he has brought interior design up to the status of
“Haute Interior Design.” (haute - ōt: trend-setting, high fashion, high style)

Castle in England
Home in Sao Paolo - A dining room with a stucco wall panel in the Art Deco style
Home in Athens
Apartment in Geneva
Home in Athens - whitewashed walls are inlaid with pebbles in a diamond pattern.
Apartment in Paris
Home in Athens
Ranch in Sante Fe
Apartment in Geneva
Home in Sao Paolo - a view of the dressing room complete with a daybed in the center. Mirrors reflect carefully organized closets illuminated by Venetian ceiling lamps of painted silk by Mariano Fortuny.Castle in England

Based in Paris his "agency" as it is called is installed on the five floors of a 17th century private residence situated at the Place des Victoires in Paris: Hôtel de la Victoire.The Alberto Pinto agency is an interior design and decoration office of 55 people whose "domains of intervention" cover not only the realization of main residences, vacation homes, office buildings, hotels, but also yachts or private jets. I have long admired his work and if an office is indicative of the type and quality of work that you do....his offices below do him justice.

A majestic eighteenth stone staircase with a robust wrought iron railing coils to the top of the mansion. The different departments of the agency open on to the four levels.
The library occupies the left side of the sitting room. A wealth of carefully classified documents is available to the staff on the floor to ceiling oak bookcases.
In the sitting room comfortable sofas and armchairs covered with ecru linen surround a high-wool Moroccan rug executed after a cartoon by Alberto Pinto. An over sized collage by the Spanish artist Antonio Valdes.Two immaculate white plaster columns in the pure Forties style by Pascaud are placed in front of the large bay windows in Alberto's office. A bronze head from the Cubist period sits atop a black lacquered chest on the far left.

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All photos courtesy of the Alberto Pinto web-site


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