What a fabulous two weeks. I can not believe how much I was able to squeeze in such a short time. We did 3500 km and visited Slovakia , Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. I miss Europe!


I had a great time and was very happy to see my friends Liz, Tobi and Lukas and Alexander again and met new friends Jenny and Enno . Liz & Tobi's house is absolutely gorgeous. Huge barn with straw roof, horses.. idyllic life style.
Street in Venlo Holland
Me in city of Mozart - Salzburg
My cute niece Dorothy

With my parents visiting Bojnice (Slovakia) where as a child I spent every holiday in our cottage in woods. Every April/May streets in the village where my parents live are so beautiful. In my language this flower bush is called"Orgovan" and its everywhere.

Peonies in mum's backyard


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