Morning all,
I'm typing this post very awkwardly this morning, so please bear with me, it may be full of spelling mistakes and possibly not make sense at all! You see, on Sunday night, I had an altercation with one of these evil little devils:

 Tupperware Happy Chopper - yeah right!

And to add salt to my wounds, here's what Tupperware has to say: 

'The Happy Chopper totally revolutionises cooking! Chopping has never been this fast, this easy or this safe!' 

What? Safe? As if! Ok, well it probably might be marginally safer if you don't decide to race in the door after your son's rugby training, late and with hungry hoards to feed, and twist and twist away, until you twist the not-so-happy-chopper right off the kitchen bench onto the floor. Then, DO NOT angrily hurriedly bend down to scoop up the lid, without first scanning the pile of mess for the deadly double blade that lies lurking, waiting for poor flustered operators. Oh, and DO NOT accidentally grab the blade and push it through the top of your thumb. It smarts a bit. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you really like copious amounts of blood, a trip to the medical centre for stitches, oh, and tetanus shots.

So, Mr Tupperware, I suggest you change the name of this little contraption, stat!

Ok, enough of my boo-hooing, but please realise that I can, in fact, spell, so disregard any mistakes - I really can't be held responsible at this point in time. But, while convalescing, with my family waiting on me injured hand and foot (oops, sorry, must be halucinating) I did manage to trawl through some of my old computer files, and found these pretty pics to share with you:


above images all courtesy

Have a great day,


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