...actually, that should read 21 years ago today, as today is my wedding anniversary.

On a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, all those years ago (and it goes without saying that I was very young when I was married, some might say a child bride!) the adventure began. And it has been an adventure, which I should have guessed, judging from how the day panned out.

To give you some background info, Sydney was in the middle of a heat wave, and temperatures had been in the mid to high 30's all week (Celsius, that is). We'd chosen one of Sydney's oldest churches, the Garrison Church at The Rocks as our venue, and it really is such a beautiful place:

As we girls prepared early for the big day, starting with at the crack of dawn with a hairdressing appointment, the boys were still in bed. Of course.

In spite of organising a trial run, my hair looked more like this....

...than this:

..so after much angst, it was back to the hairdresser for a second attempt. Meanwhile, the boys were swimming in the best man's pool, eating pizza, and generally having a wow of a time, without an ounce of stress or worry.

Once my hair was somewhat presentable, and our makeup done, it was time to get dressed and wait for our cars to arrive. As I had four bridesmaids, I'd organised to have two vintage Rolls Royce, like this:

...but as the weather was so hot and humid, one of the cars - the perfectly colour-coordinated black and white car, broke down five minutes from my house. We had but one option - the girls had to drive themselves in a hot pink, 1964 VW station wagon...very similar to this one:

I'll set the scene for you:  four girls, dressed entirely in black (which was very daring for 1989 and quite unheard of), complete with Ray Bans, running to the car so we could make the 45 minute trip to the church on time. I'll never forget the look on the guests faces as they screamed around the corner, looking like four Penelope Pitstops. Priceless.

Meanwhile, let's check back in on the boys......

...oh look, here they are, having a few drinks at The Lord Nelson. And I have it on good authority (relayed with great relish by a few of the grand dames in attendance) there were a few last minute wardrobe changes, which took place out of the back of our campervan. Apparently in full view of said grand dames. Secretly, I think it was the biggest thrill I think they'd had in a long time.

After a lovely, (and thankfully non-eventful) ceremony, we finally made it to our reception venue - Dunbar House at Watson's Bay, on beautiful Sydney Harbour:

...where we did enjoy a great night, in spite of the soaring temperatures. I'm told my wedding cake was delicious:

...it's just a pity I didn't get to have any. It was very popular, so I'm glad all those many months, searching for the perfect sweet confection to round off the perfect day didn't go unappreciated.

After so much madness, drama and mayhem, wrapping up our big day was very bittersweet - for the very next day, we packed up all our worldly belongings and headed off to Queensland. 

Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. Those little mishaps, dramas and things that didn't go quite according to plan made the day so memorable, and we still laugh over them today. A bit like married life really - all those twists and turns usually turn out to be the things you remember the most. It's been a fabulous 21 years, with lots more 'adventures' along the way, and I'm looking forward to many more to come. 

Hope you all have a great day, and as it's our anniversary (and my birthday too in a couple of days) we've got a big weekend ahead. What have you got planned?


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