I truly believe there is beauty in simplicity; one does not need much to be happy.  I learn this every time I sell a home and move into a smaller space.  As a family we are more tight nit and I'm not shouting out to my children trying to find their location.  
I have to say, I'm so relieved to know that this will be our final move, not having to uproot my family ever again.  Even though I have loved the creative process - it can be disruptive not only physically but mentally.  Constantly making choices and buying causes me to focus more temporally, which in turn causes me to not live in the moment as much.  My children notice this more than anyone!  I can be playing with them or helping them with a project, but they know when I'm really present.  I look forward to a summer being settled and more present with my family.
I love these images below - they show the beauty that can be created through small and simple things:

all images via Tiny White Daisies

I know there are a lot of images, but each reminded me to enjoy the beauty in the simple things. 
Anyone can turn an ordinary, simple space into something magical and life changing;  this rings true to each of our daily lives as well!


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