...is often gold, but sometimes silver too. I've just had some of my pieces framed, and thought I'd share a few pics of the finished works. My fabulous framer has done an amazing job, so here's a look at what's new:

'Pink Orchids in Vintage Blue'
original watercolour on paper

...and here's a print in silver:

This is now hanging in Mum and Dad's newly-renovated bathroom - I'll share all the pics soon

These pieces are commissions for a lovely client in Rockhampton. Teacups and Louis chairs.....

original watercolour on paper

original watercolour on paper

And look at this gorgeous orchid! My eldest daughter works part-time in a florist, so we're never short of beautiful blooms. This orchid is a stunner, and I think it would make a great subject for my next painting....

Pretty, no?


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