I know I've been a terrible tease, with talk of new and exciting things to come, but please bear with me. At long last, I have a brand-spankin' new website on the way, and it's been a labour of love to get it up and running. It's almost there - just a few last-minute tweaks and tucks, and it'll be good to go. So for those of you who've been so patient and put up with my teasing ways, I promise I'll make it up to you. I'll be having a grand opening, with exclusive pieces, goodies and discounts to celebrate, so I hope you'll think it was worth the wait. In the meantime, I've finally managed to finish a work on canvas that's been doing a little teasing of its own. And for those of you who are partial to a bit of zesty neon, this should be right up your alley....

mixed media on canvas
810mm x 810mm (30" x 30")

It's been a stressful week - I have my last baby away at Schoolies. And after the terrible news that a young girl lost her life after falling from a balcony overnight, it makes it even harder to manage to stay calm. My heart breaks for the family and friends of this young woman, and I'm counting the minutes until I can pick my girl up. I know I'll be hugging her a little more tightly when she comes home tomorrow.....


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