You might remember this post, when I shared some pics of my painted canvas floor rug? Well, I had a little play with it:

and popped it on the wall in my daughter's bedroom. I do apologise for the terrible photo - it's the only one I have at the moment, as my former design assistant Darcy...

hmm, butter wouldn't melt!

...decided it would be great fun to have a chew on my camera's memory card. Thankfully, I have most photos saved to my computer, but I've lost some that I've taken over the past week or so. Of course, how could I be angry with him - just look at that face. And he was having such a lovely time, throwing it in the air and chasing it all over the studio, I didn't have the heart to be upset with him. But needless to say, a new memory card is on my shopping list!

Oh, and on a completely different note, I thought I'd share a pic of a new painting. It's loosely based on paper cut artwork, and as a little experiment, I thought it might be fun to paint a watercolour version:

'Paperie in Turquoise'

I'm still deciding whether to add a series of similar works to my Etsy shop, so I'd love some honest feedback from you all. I think this design could be tweaked a little to make cute Christmas tree cards in different colours:

'Paperie in Magenta'

'Paperie in Indigo'

So, what do you think? Honest feedback please my lovelies, I trust your judgement. Think of yourselves as my official market research team - albeit ones who are seriously underpaid, but greatly appreciated!

all images by me, and designs copyright Kerri Shipp 2010


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