Remember this post, when I mentioned a project I was working on - the finishing touches to the makeover of my youngest daughter's bedroom? Well, by now you've probably realised things took a little longer than expected, but in retrospect I'm glad I took my time. This reveal has a bit of a twist, which I'll explain shortly, but first - take a look at my hand-painted floor rug:

When I first posted about this project, I'd designed this pattern to use in my daughter's room. Of course, once I got started I realised it was a lot more involved than first thought  - I know, I know - why are you not surprised? Anyway, I've decided to take my time with it, as it will be a major design element in her room. But I did happen to have a large piece of canvas in my studio, which proved to be the perfect warm-up to the main event. Btw, please ignore the creases on the right-hand side - the canvas has been stored in my studio and I was too impatient to let it straighten out before I took these pics!

The hardest part of this whole exercise is the placement of the pattern. In any project like this, it's really obvious if the design is out of alignment, so geometry played a big part in getting it just right. Pity I didn't retain stuff like this instead of those useless phone numbers!

Over the years, I've made many of these canvas floor rugs, and they're so versatile, not to mention practical. I always finish mine with a good few coats of varnish, which means the design is protected and the rug can be scrubbed clean. They're perfect for kids' rooms, and can be simply rolled up and stored away. One of my clients commissioned me to paint custom- designed rugs for her kids, and when they grow out of them, she plans to keep them to pass on to her grandchildren. How sweet is that?

oh, and they're not just for the floor either!

Hope you enjoyed the reveal, in spite of it being not quite what you expected. And if anyone is interested in a custom-designed rug, please drop me a line - I'd love to make one for you. Have a great day, and for those of you having a little wager on today's Melbourne Cup, best of luck! 


*all images and designs copyright Driftwood Interiors.


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