We just sold our home and we are now in the process of building a French inspired home in Midway, Ut.
We are so excited to get out into the country and now we're trying to compile visuals that will help compliment a French country home.
I'm so excited to bring you along our journey as I show you detailed images of our upcoming project!
We just barely turned in our plans to the city and hopefully we'll get the go ahead in a couple of weeks!
This particular home is somewhat similar to my last home, but with more of a country feel. 
Below are some images that inspire the perfect combinations of reclaimed wood:

Notice the reclaimed wood on the ceiling in that back room -
they went from elegant and refined to rustic and warm

I love this pantry... the Juxtaposition of the rustic ceiling with the shiny tile!

Here is a good idea - add a reclaimed piece of furniture instead!

 Doesn't Belgian design reflect the perfect country influence?!
My favorite combinations are French, Belgian and Swedish/Gustavian influences!
Please share some of your ideas, I would love to hear from you!


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