The lovely Kerry was kind enough to let me know that my kitchen makeover was again featured on Apartment Therapy (oops...totally missed it!). I know many of you would have already seen my re-do, but for those new to my blog, here's a recap:

For my original posts with all the before and after pics, and a breakdown of the project, pop on over here, here and here.

As an interesting aside, I'm always curious to see the comments left on posts like this. The majority of the kitchens featured all had one thing in common - the painting of timber/timber look cabinetry, and it seems that it can be a contentious issue. I noticed that a number of comments questioned the choice to paint:

..."why does everyone slather white paint to cover their natural wood cabinetry? some do make sense, but #8 looks like gorgeous wood to me. it seems like a shame to cover it up."

Now don't get me wrong...I love timber. I love the detail in the grain, the texture....but I have no problem painting it if need be. In our kitchen, the cabinetry combined with exposed brick, pine ceilings and dark stone floors, making the room dark, dingy and uninviting...and completely depressing. I've noticed that men, in particular, hate the idea of covering wood with paint...maybe something to do with the old 'man cave' theory?

To me, having an inviting, bright and airy home, filled with natural light, is the ideal. One of the most telling comments on my makeover was that many people had never noticed that we have a skylight in the room. The dark surfaces totally absorbed every last ounce of light. Now, the room is light and bright, and my only regret is that I didn't do it years ago.

So, I'd love to know what you all think about painting timber. Are you all for it, or do you think it's totally taboo? Or maybe you think it's a fad, and we'll all be reaching for the paint stripper and varnish?
Over to you!


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