I've been laid low with the dreaded lurgy for the past couple of weeks, which, as well as being totally inconvenient, has meant that I've had little energy for anything other than coughing and spluttering (and, if you ask the clan, they'd probably add whingeing as well). But I digress. One good thing that's come from my convalescence is that I managed to find the designer behind a room I've had saved in my files for ages.

I had a lovely message from Brissie designer and fellow blogger Daryl Wark, which in turn led me to his gorgeous blog. As I settled in for a good read, I came across this post on South African designer John Jacob Zwiegelaar (which, coincidentally, Daryl found through Judy at Verandah House), and there was the black and white room I'd had saved for ages. Even better, it lead to this website, which was full of stunning, black & white interiors.


 even the pooch is colour matched

all images via John Jacob Interiors

What I love about a black and white (and neutral) scheme is that you can always throw in some colour when you feel like a change, or go completely monochromatic - the options are endless. Take this last room - it would look equally great with some mismatched cushions, an abstract painting or two, and a few bright accessories. I love colour, but my fickle nature means I always stick to a neutral scheme for the bones of a room, and add pops of colour with pieces that can be changed quickly, and relatively inexpensively - artwork etc. Thanks Daryl for the heads up, and seriously, do yourself a favour - head on over to Daryl's blog - lots of goodies there, let me tell you. My fave post - how to keep your vintage Louis Vuitton looking great...but not too 'new'. Fabulous to the max.


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