If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember this post, when I featured one of my favourite houses. It was originally built by artist Marcella Kaspar and her husband, Mark Cooper, and later sold to Maggie Tabberer. Well, Marcella and Mark have since built another home, with a similar floorplan, but this time they decided to change things up a little, and the results are just stunning.


And here are a few pics of the original house:

And again, with the Maggie T touch:

So, which do you prefer? Dark and moody, or bright and beautiful? I love nothing more than seeing a house like this, which has fabulous bones and great style, decorated so differently. Love to know what you think.

images 1-7 courtesy www.domain.com.au
images 8-10 photography Simon Kenny, via content agency and Vogue Living magazine
images 11-15 photography Michelle Holden via Australian Womens Weekly


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