I just spent the day driving around Midway with my dear friend Lisa Martineau, owner of Brambles and Blossoms.  This woman is brilliant when in comes to creating the most charming environments, not only in interior decor, but also in landscaping.  
We stopped by this charming country home with the most beautiful garden/yard... Lisa could tell what every plant/flower was just by looking at the shriveled, dead broken plants that were barely exposed - I was blown away!!  I'm realizing I need to step it up in this department!  
Nothing I love more than beautiful landscaping and gardens, they add so much to a home.  It is an important extension of the home and reflects what the home will look like on the inside!  Every time I'm with Lisa I'm amazed at how much I learn and see the world in a new ways... she's brilliant!!  
If you're in Utah you need to stop by her store... it brings so much happiness and will leave you inspired!
Below are images of beautiful outdoor landscapes and environments:

all images Jardin via pinterest

If it wasn't for my sweet husband, I don't think I would have much of a yard.  He's the one with the green thumb, my goal is to become better and more educated in this area!
How many of you LOVE to garden, or have an amazing garden/yard you've created?


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