We had a little bit of excitement at our house on Saturday night. At around 1.30 in the morning, we woke to hear our side gate being almost shaken off its hinges. The dog was barking, we flew out of bed, half asleep and wondering what we'd find outside, but it wasn't quite what we expected at all:

Now it's nothing unusual to have koalas in our backyard. We have over two acres of gum trees, and more often than not there are koalas here most of the time. What was unusual was that this little one decided to squeeze under the gate, probably to get away from the amorous male in the next tree to hers, and managed to get stuck in the process.

After finally wriggling under the gate, she found herself stuck in the fenced section of our backyard. So, in the middle of the night, hubby had to remove one of the fence panels to let her out.

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The next morning she was there, snoozing happily and oblivious to the ruckus she'd caused the night before!
 I do love the fact that we have koalas in our backyard, and never take it for granted. Sadly, in the years we've lived here we've noticed their numbers have been dwindling, so while ever they're still around I'm happy.

Just a run of the mill way to start the week hey?

But make sure you pop in tomorrow, I'll be back with a little update on my 'Perfect Queenslander' post, so stay tuned!

Happy Monday,
Kerri xx


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