One of the loveliest bloggers, Tricia Rose, has had her business, Rough Linen, shortlisted on the Apartment Therapy Design Showcase, which is huge! I can only imagine how excited she must be, and so I'd love to spread the word for her. Here's what Apartment Therapy has to say about the showcase:

'This summer we're celebrating the best in design for the home. We're taking submissions from independent and student designers from around the world and letting our readers vote on who they think has the best design. There's also a panel of august judges (no pun intended). Two winners will win $20,000 in targeted advertising placements on our sites to help launch their careers.'

What an amazing opportunity, so if you'd like to check out her entry, pop over to Apartment Therapy.  Here's a little taste of her beautiful linen, which was inspired by her great grandmother's vintage pillow slip:

Isn't her work beautiful? You can also visit her website here, and her blog here.

Good luck Tricia Rose, I have my fingers crossed for you!


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