My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Vermont this year with dear friends who had grew up there.  They showed us how simple and beautiful life was living in Vermont in a small town.  I'll never forget its charm and beauty.  So when I came across the book New Farmhouse Style - I was taken.  I love how the book honors family traditions and the simple qualities in life.

all images via New Farmhouse Style

"While tradition" is valued in our society, "traditional" is challenged and often ignored.  Woods show that it is possible to both respect and reinvent heirlooms, antiques, and other treasured possessions.  Grandmother's ladder-back chair deserves the treatment of fine art, so why should it not hang on the wall?  An old chicken feeder from the barn realizes new potential as a stylish plate rack.  Old windows come inside, while old doors adorn the garden.

~ Terry John Woods' 
New Farmhouse Style

Less is always more...


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