I know... I know... I'm always posting images of cool hues with pale off-white monochromatic pallets.  It's time to spruce up a bit and blog about the power of color.  The glorious thing about color is its power and abundance of energy and emotion.  How can something so simple have such an impact?!
For me color has been derived from all kinds of sources from my childhood, a treasured object, my Grandmother's home, a special item of clothing, the enjoyment of the simplicity of the sea, etc...
I do love color - only is small amounts.  
Designing with color is all about choosing the feel that's right for you.
The images below are fun and bright and bring happiness:

image via Merchant Design

Image via Affari

via Affari

via Affari

I'm curious - are you drawn more to color or soft monochromatic hues?

Have a wonderful week!


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