Maryam and her Husband in Marrakesh have recently purchased an olive orchard and are in the process of building a guest house on it named Peacock Pavilions. This project is a labour of love and is not without it's trials and tribulations for them. But nothing that is of value is free from this fault. There are to be 12 bathroom in all. No small feat. So if I can be of any help Maryam here is a little inspiration for those bathrooms of yours.

Simple, white, fresh
House Beautiful

Polished Nickel Bathtub Urban Archaeology

Let's not forget about the toilet. Funny how these are conveniently never shown in photographs. This is by far the best designed toilet on the market.
Phillip Starck 2 one piece toilet
Elle Decor

Luscaux Tile design Michael Smith


Star and Cross Floor Tile Lascaux


John Stefanidis
I love this bathroom. Crisp white shutters - bright painted walls.

Kelly Wearstler

Urban Archaeology

Antonia Hutt

House Beautiful

Lots of white towels, a beautiful mirror and soft pastel painted walls
photo from flickr
top photo Tim Clarke

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