....for some gorgeous pendant lights for my newly-zhushed kitchen. But it's so hard to find lighting that's beautiful and affordable. As the lovely A-M lamented recently (pop on over to read her post here), it's really difficult to track down something that's both good-looking and within the realms of possibility price-wise. This is the look I'm after...

...but it's nearly impossible to find. Regardless, I need to find something I like asap. Why? Because my hideous pine ceilings are about to be painted! I'm ridiculously excited - I've wanted to do this for years. I ran into a builder friend on the weekend, who actually enjoys painting (!) and he offered to come and help me with the ceilings - how good is that! So if I'm a bit scarce on the blog front, don't worry - I'm not sure I'm good enough to swing from a ladder, paintbrush in one hand and laptop in the other! But you can be sure I'll be posting all the goodies as soon as I possibly can.

Oh, and I also have some very exciting news to share with you all...so stick around, I'll spill the beans in the next few days!

Have a good one,


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