Ooh, I can hardly contain myself! In spite of all advice to the contrary, I decided to have a little preview of how my makeover will look when it's all done and dusted. Can I tell you how much I LOVE IT?

Here's a sneak peek:

as you can see, there's still painting to be done around the skirting

from this...

...to this!

I can't tell you how much restraint is required not to throw all the doors back on right now. But it's raining today, and I do have some concerns that the paint isn't quite cured enough (but shh, don't tell hubby or I'll get the "I told you so" speech!). But I'm so in love it's not funny.

Patience Kerri, patience!  Right, no more teasers until it's all back together again, I think promise. Truly :-)

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