For many years, I was a garage sale junkie. Every Saturday morning, I'd wake at the crack of dawn to trawl the local sales for treasures. And what treasures there were to be found! I was constantly amazed at the things people were discarding. Think huge cedar chests of drawers, beautiful carved mirrors, picture frames, the odd chaise longue or two; you name it. I bought it.

I've restored and sold many of these over the years, but one of the advantages of living on acreage is that I have a huge shed. A shed which is still full of goodies, either awaiting restoration, or inspiration, or both. So I thought I'd share a few of these with you all each week, and we can discuss what should become of them. Ok, I'm starting small this week, because it's pouring with rain at the moment and they were much easier to wrangle than a marble-topped dining table!

This chair is one that I managed to pick up for $1, and the little chandy for $5. The chair is painted a fetching shade of mission brown (ugh!) but the chandy had already been given the white treatment.

The chair will probably end up as my new home office chair, and I'm even considering painting it in a colour other than white (shocking I know!) All I need to decide on is a pretty fabric for the seat cushion, and I'll be done. And I'm thinking of hanging the chandy in the corner above my desk - you know, a bit quirky and off centre? 

So, what do you think? I love hearing your thoughts, so any ideas you have will be welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be spending mine adding the finishing touches to the kitchen reno, so I promise to post all the pics next week. Stay tuned!

all images by me


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