And about time too I hear you say! Now of course, this 'little' makeover took much longer than first thought, but I'm so happy with the result it really doesn't matter. The whole room is much lighter and brighter, and so much nicer to work in. I still get a little thrill when I walk into the room, and yes, I can still, on occasion, be found just sitting and admiring my handiwork!

So this post didn't become too long and cumbersome, I'll show you all the pretty pictures today, and tomorrow I'll go into the DIY nitty-gritty for anyone who's interested. So without any further ado.....

 it now looks like this..

instead of this!

mmm, nice!

beadboard now covers those oh-so-chic bricks

So, a bit of an improvement don't you think? My only regret is that I lived with the horrible 'before' version for so long. But be warned, this is just the start of a renovation blitz! I have big plans people. Very big plans. So stick around and come along for the ride - it should be fun!

I'm also sharing this makeover at Design Refuge's Before and After challenge, so check out all the great DIY projects on show
all images good, bad or otherwise by me


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