Have you met my design assistant? He's blonde, intelligent, handsome, and very attentive...sounds like the perfect man, doesn't he? Meet Darcy.

big boy pics

and a couple of gratuitous baby pics, just because they're so cute!

Ok, so he's probably not the ideal assistant. He sometimes likes to chew the paintbrushes if I'm not looking, and yesterday thought it was a fabulous idea to run off with my paint-soaked rag, hoping for a quick game of catch-me-quick-before-I-rip-it-to-shreds. But he really is the most gorgeous boy, and is a huge part of our family. And how could you get angry at him, just look at that face!

So, while I'm finishing off the kitchen reno...(you know, the quick knock-it-over-in-a-couple-of-days reno? yep, still going but almost there, thank goodness!) Darcy is sleeping assisting while I give the spray gun a serious workout. This old silky oak mirror was in desperate need of a spot of zhushing, so it got the white treatment too. 

Right, so I have rather dramatic plans for this one. I did hint about it in my kitchen inspirations pics, so eagle-eyed readers may already know what I'm planning. Let's hope it looks as good as the original!

Have a great weekend everyone,

all pics by me


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