main image strelein wh street facade car in garage Black And White Strelein Warehouse Loft By Ian Moore Architects dream home building

Bold and effective, the contrast evident in an totally black and white interior palette. This is only way I can describe the Strelein Warehouse Loft designed by Ian Moore Architects. This residence has a lengthy history of a number of uses prior to its most current renovation. The two story property was a grocery warehouse, an engineering workshop and an artist’s studio in its earlier lives. Now it is a quite bold, minimalistic and contemporary living space that has been able, by way of the uniquely inventive capabilities and tactics of Ian Moore Architects, to each retain and visually contrast its history and existing structure against its new residential design components. From the exterior no one would expect the special and commanding style that lies within.

This 19th century two story warehouse, situated in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia, has been converted into a modern one particular bedroom residence with a mezzanine style kitchen. The exterior of the attached house has frontage spaces on different streets which conveniently lends itself to possessing separate entrances for autos and persons. The exposed exterior places have been updated and subsequently reinforced with steel exactly where after timber was utilized. The contemporary steel entryway and coordinating needs of modern day living juxtaposed against the patina of the original brickwork offers wonderful contrast but nonetheless only a slight hint of what is to come as the interior unfolds for us.

strelein wh living area tess Black And White Strelein Warehouse Loft By Ian Moore Architects dream home building

This property and its distinct and almost sole use of black and white may not my very first decision as a comfortable abode for myself, but I have such respect for the owner and designer who chose to so eloquently individuate the integrated components of the past and present.  To make this visual distinction in between the historic aspects of the residence from the modern updates evident, the designer chose to paint all existing structural elements in white and then adventurously contrast the newly installed portions in black. I consider my favourite space inside the property is the library living area as pictured above. This area is bathed in organic light from the frosted glass and steel doorway and adjacent windows above. The light reflects off the beautifully polished white floors.

strelein wh kitchen Black And White Strelein Warehouse Loft By Ian Moore Architects dream home building

A steel kitchen was developed on a split level within the residence to add some contrast to the black and white decor. This kitchen is poised to overlook the dramatic living space. Every little thing within the property is very crisp and clean with dramatic modern day lines. It is tough to see the past when viewing such a contemporary space, which is although I feel that it was such an impressive selection to highlight the history in white. It truly offers this space with a specific sense of and respect for its history whilst simultaneously transforming it into a great modern day residential space.

Designed by Ian Moore Architects

Photography by Iain D. MacKenzie

by means of archdaily

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