funky New Cool Residence Products – Component 2 materials

1) T-Laundry Bag : Gather your laundry with style and save space. T-shirt shaped laundry bag.  Hang it on your wall or in your closet and take it with you on your travels.Price $30

2) Better Stuff Door Mat : Redirect robbers with Reed Wilson’s cheeky deterrent that offers burglars–and dirty shoes–the brush off. Cost $50

3) Set Sail Napkin Holder : This sophisticated ceramic napkin holder will add a sense of tranquility to any dinner table. Price tag $31

4) 4th Dimension Concrete Clock – A wall clock created of one particular solid piece from cement. Idea of linking time and space is visualized with the form of a spiral staircase that has hands on its leading level continuously going down and up as time goes by. Hence, the “4th” dimension. Light and shadow also alterations with time in this clock. Price tag $375

5) Mood Mugs :Mood Mugs are a variety of insulated mugs with quirky facial expression to reflect your mood.
These hand created porcelain mugs have been cleverly created with double wall insulation so they don’t need to have handles. They maintain your drinks warm and hands cool, while showing everyone how you’re feeling. Cost $15 every

pixel New Cool Residence Products – Component 2 materials


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