This spectacular 3 level dream home, developed by SAOTA, is positioned in the Bantry Bay location of Cape Town, South Africa. St Leon 10 is perched on the hillside overlooking the majestic Atlantic Coastline with unparalleled views of the 12 Apostle Mountains, Clifton Beaches and Robben Island. The all round property design is linear in nature so that each and every space can take full benefit of these remarkable views. The front facade of the home maintains the utmost privacy for the occupants. The two story glass entryway is totally concealed from the street view by means of the use of strong stone structures combined with screens produced of wood framed in steel and a heavy timber gate. Upon getting into through the gate you cross more than a reflecting pool via a stone path. This corridor facilitates one’s psychological transition into the peaceful interior of house. Quite a beautiful way to enter such an sophisticated house.

st leon hqroom ru St Leon 10 A Cape Town Mansion From Studio SAOTA dream home building

This masterful perform of modern architecture was developed for a young household of 4 who enjoy to entertain, but also have two modest boys. They required a mix of spaces that would permit for huge, often boisterous gatherings as well as the facilitation of a cozy and comforting family members life. The spacious major living area is warm and inviting with a modern day interior flair. It has two lounges, a dining area and kitchen. The interior design was completed by Antoni Associates. A neutral material palette combined with a subtle mix of luxurious textures was selected for the extravagant residence. The furnishings are mainly weathered wood finishes and soft creamy colored leathers that give an air of each comfort and grandeur aside the polished marble floors. There are also two guest rooms with en suite baths located on the main level. Central to the residence is a stunningly gorgeous architectural staircase that leads both to the second and lower levels of the home. The second floor is the private area of the residence and is comprised of two bedrooms with en suite baths for the boys and a grand master suite.

st leon hqroom ru St Leon 10 A Cape Town Mansion From Studio SAOTA dream home building

The reduce level has been developed with recreation, entertainment and unadulterated relaxation in mind. To the exterior there is a beautiful infinity pool, sauna and a massive sun deck which face the endless sea view, but somehow retain a sense of total privacy. The open interior space encompasses a sunken lounge, a bar region and wine cellar. The back-lit onyx bar with a huge aquarium serves as one dazzling focal point in this space. The wood of the bar is really dark and contrasts brilliantly with the lighter polished wood flooring giving it a sense of depth and separation. In the sunken lounge there is a playful view of the interior of the swimming pool. With two tiny boys in the property, I am certain that will lead to loads of entertaining for all. A guest bedroom and gym location are also located on this level.

st leon hqroom ru St Leon 10 A Cape Town Mansion From Studio SAOTA dream home building

Photos from SAOTA

pixel St Leon 10 A Cape Town Mansion From Studio SAOTA dream home building


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