Louis from Spraying Bricks got in touch about his project and he’s at present seeking to fund the project through the crowdfunding web site, Kickstarter:

“I’m searching for the assist from the generous Kickstarter community to generate further content for the on the web documentary series Spraying Bricks. I have worked in Option Outside Media for some time, recreating old, and producing new campaigns with the support of street artists. The dream was to adjust the marketing landscape and simultaneously create a public gallery of artist’s performs, endorsed by the brand in question.

As time has gone by this dream seems further and additional away with rising brand suggestions causing restriction in creativity and undermining the capability of the artist and the value of their function. “

Spraying Bricks explores beneath the surface of artistic creation. For each piece of art tells a story. Art is not just reliant on the superficial final piece, even so the method, believed and which means which creatives go by way of prior to the final art form. Spraying Bricks is to showcase this process so that the rest of the world can appreciate the efforts, inspirations, trials and tribulations that creatives take to accomplish their goal and ultimately the end product for the public to admire.

To get involved, head more than to Kickstart and back the project.


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