part of my kitchen/dining room makeover, I'm thinking I might completely change my dining table. At the moment, we've been using a timber table we bought years ago, in a huge rush before the rellies arrived to visit our new home. We bought it purely for size and serviceability, and it's been impervious to the rough and tumble dished out by a family of five. Oh, and it was also sturdy enough to handle being used as a makeshift dance floor by one rather flamboyant toddler! 

Now, I just so happen to have a few dining tables stashed away in my shed. I know I sound like a crazy hoarder type, but really, how could I pass up the chance to buy antique timber turned-leg tables for next to nix? But - there's one little problem - at the moment, the largest of the tables has a nasty chip-board top. To replace it, I can't decide whether to go for lovely, recycled timber (either limed or painted white), or I might just top it with a piece of marble I also happen to have in the shed (don't judge me!) So, you know the drill, what do you think? Here are some ideas I like, and I'd love your opinions as usual.

a vision in white by the oh-so-talented Atlanta Bartlett

recycled timber via White Flower Farmhouse

marble + timber = gorgeous! Atlanta Bartlett's handiwork again

marble + white timber - is this the winning combination? via Domino mag

Oh, and don't forget this table will be paired with my soon-to-be-revamped mirror, with a sideboard underneath. I always have the same problem when making these decisions - I like so many different looks. But I need to remind myself that nothing has to be forever, so my plan is to choose a look for as long as I like it, and then change it up again! 

Hope you're all having a great day,


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