I have always been drawn to the Nantucket style and the old soul this particular island has.  Building codes ensure that new construction blends with the old, making nantucket one of the most charming locations in my opinion.  
I have to say... I am caught between two worlds.  I love the country style of Provence equal to that of the old cape cod/nantucket style.  To solve this problem, I mix the two!  These beautiful styles carry an old fashioned charm.  Colors that are slightly off, and pieces of historic furniture that show wear and tear to me are relaxing and timeless.  My favorite colors in a home are weathered pale browns, warm creamy whites and soft greens and blues with a hint of gray here and there... nothing to me is more calming.
I hope you enjoy these beautiful images of Nantucket:

 This was an old school house turned into the perfect beach cottage

This would be my ideal Nantucket home... right in the heart of town!

The perfect decor in a charming window on a beautiful September day!

... notice how all the homes blend perfectly

... loving that weathered zinc-top table... I want one!

Look how they painted the old cupboards, and they look perfect!  Everything is so soft and simple!

... my favorite vietri dishes!

crisp... clean... timeless

all images via Country Home and linknantucket.com

Are you now a Nantucket fan?

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


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