We have a small home office nook just off our main living area. At the moment, we have an ugly 'armoire' that houses the modem, printer, and other office paraphenalia. Now that we only have laptop computers, we don't need to worry about storing a tower and monitor, so I'm thinking of ditching the armoire for a nice desk/shelving/display arrangement, where I can inject a little more interest and personality. I also have a gorgeous old captain's chair, with a cast-iron base, which I've been wanting to use for years but haven't had the spot. So, I went looking for some online inspiration, and this is what I found:

love the wall decoration - somehow I think the desk is a little small!

 vintage storage via elledecor.com

a little too cluttered for me, but I like the desk and chair

my all-time favourite - and I know much of blogland agrees!

clever storage

oh, and this is similar to my chair - mine is stashed away in the back of the shed

remember this? I think I'll hang this in the corner over the desk

So, my plan is to incorporate some modern elements, vintage furniture, a picture wall, and some clever (and good-looking) storage into the design. Oh, and as it's technically part of the living area, it needs to be attractive enough to have on show. Let the fun begin!


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