Those who know me well also know that I can be hugely a little on the messy side, especially when I'm working on a new painting. And to make matters worse, after a while, I find it impossible to ignore the chaos. That's exactly what's happened this week. I've had quite a few ideas for new artwork, but I just can't manage to get going on it when my studio looks like it's been ransacked. So yesterday, I spent a few hours tidying up, and while I still have a few things to take care of (like organising my tax return paperwork - argh!) it's looking much better, and already I'm feeling clearer and more focused. While I'm honest enough to realise I'll never be capable of keeping a fastidiously tidy studio, it doesn't stop me from being smitten when I spy lovely examples of serene (and tidy!) work spaces. And if said workspace happens to overlook a stunning garden (and maybe a pool?) then who am I to argue?

Maggie Tabberer's barn in the Southern Highlands

Avalon stunner via

source unknown

source unknown

Would it be too greedy to want this next one just a little bigger? Probably, but hey, this is my fantasy studio, so I'm going to upsize my order.

Inspired yet? I am!

Ok, back to work for me. Have a great day everyone,


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