When I posted yesterday about what to do with my dining table, I knew you guys would come up with some great ideas. But just when I thought I'd narrowed down my decision, I find myself with a conundrum of sorts - a new player has entered the game! Thanks to all the great ideas you've come up with, I'm now thinking zinc might be just what I'm looking for. Tricia Rose and Jules (gorgeous girls - you really have to check out their fab blogs if you haven't already) suggested zinc, so in the interests of research, I found these lovelies:

 this combination with the tolix chairs - oh my!

 this base is very similar to mine


So now, before I make my final decision, I'm going to check out the availability of zinc sheeting, and also the price. I love that it gets better with age, is durable and hard-wearing, and looks amazing to boot. 
Thanks for the feedback everyone - I love that decorating has now become a collaborative process!


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