bw Lato The Finnish Country Dream Property dream home building

Sameli Rantanen and Ulla Koskinen not only developed this Finnish style modern dream house, but they also live and work there. Ulla is a Finnish designer who has worked for firms such as Marimekko, Artek and Woodnotes.  Her equally talented husband, Sameli, is both a photographer and graphic designer. With their combined talents and vision they produced this home as a prototype for the Finnish residence construction company Kannustalo.  In the design of Lato, their primary building material selections consisted of cement, wood and glass. They have managed to produce this modern day stylish home that allows them and their loved ones a lot of space to both operate and relax.

The home is in fact really huge at 5,758 square feet and was planned to seem externally as a cross in between a country residence and a barn. This enhances its potential to blend well with its environmental placement in the countryside outside of Helsinki. The layout of the residence is clearly open plan with the kitchen, dining and living room locations gracefully flowing into a single one more. Simultaneously, each location is also able to keep its special character by means of particular alternatives in decor. There is a simple and elegant fireplace embedded in one particular wall in the living area, which along with the cozy sofa, supplies a radiating feeling of comfort and warmth.

The internal palette of the residence is pretty neutral with a mix of varying shades of grey, white, black against a bleached wood floor. There are large expanses of windows to let not only for the influx of natural light, and exposure to the lovely views of the countryside, but also to preserve a deep and quick connection to the external environment and changing seasons. The master bedroom suite and office location are also positioned on the primary living level. The property is constructed around a central courtyard which permits for each the improve of organic light into all areas and the creation of an organic separation for the master bedroom from the main living area. The reduce level of the home contains rooms for the kids.

The complete house is created and decorated with a minimalistic sense and linear attributes. This style is fairly freeing in my opinion. There is so much clutter in the world which can also commence to clutter our minds. This space creates a peaceful environment that seems to be in harmony with its all-natural surroundings. Such consideration was paid to each detail of the house. From the wood utilized building that was felled on the identical house, to the decor which reflects the private style and values of the residents. This seems a property developed for their personal loved ones, but with the inclination to share their values and open their sense of aesthetics to the globe. They had a willingness to not only style this dream residence for themselves, but in conjunction with Kannustalo, other folks might share in their special creation.

pixel Lato The Finnish Country Dream Property dream home building


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