img Pinkeye Style Studio Workplace Expansion office decoration

So what occurs when a space opens up next to a developing business? They expand and that is precisely what Pinkeye Style Studio has carried out. Even much better, this innovative firm developed the new modern workplace expanse themselves. The organization genuinely necessary a space where diverse groups and folks could operate independently and further spaces where they could come together to bolster creativity. The flexibility designed into this space enables for the dynamic method of bringing a multidisciplinary group collectively for inventive and inspired design and style solutions.

img Pinkeye Style Studio Workplace Expansion office decoration

The whole 600-square-meter space has been divided in half by a central wall, clad with diagonal wooden beams, that runs the length of the room. Arched doorways and windows lead via this wall into much more intimate collaborative spaces including a meeting area, library, and space for conference calls. These spaces contrast with the general open design of the workplace and provide a sort of sacred space that coalesces the creativity of individuals with their working environment.

There is central work island lined with monitors where huge white and matte black circular lights hover above the no nonsense central area. The interior of the doorway arches have been painted in the same matte black colour as the lighting fixtures to bridge the spaces. At 1 end of the  primary perform area there are two conference rooms separated by means of glass doors for privacy. While some areas of the workplace are much more formal, other individuals are decoratively creative with vintage furnishings and pops of vibrant colour. A single wall has a white board, that can be effortlessly concealed and in impact turned into an extra perform location by opening or closing the floor to ceiling petrol-blue curtain.

The spacious lunch room is the icing on the cake. It could simply double as a bar with its cool decor and relaxing vibe.  The bar area is complimented by a group of small tables and Emeco Navy Chairs exactly where workers can effortlessly loosen up and take pleasure in their lunch. The space is created to aid give that mental break and detachment from the workspace, subsequently allowing everyone to return to operate really feeling a bit refreshed. To me creating this kind of space leaves one with the impression that everybody on the team is appreciated and not relegated to go consume in a closet or traditionally styled lunch area. Its shows that the workers are valued, which is almost certainly one of the important elements in creating the Pinkeye Style Studio such a fabulously creative spot.

Photography by Frederik Vercruysse

pixel Pinkeye Style Studio Workplace Expansion office decoration


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